Thursday, July 16, 2009

cooking with Marianna

When I discovered InItalyTours offered a cooking class in the mountains in a little country home I could not resist the offer from Tania the founder of the company. Since I also have a company that runs tours to Calabria .I wanted to sample this cooking class for myself. Marianna lead me to her herbal ,vegetable and fruit garden in the field where they are grown . My husband and I were also shown how to make home made fisilli (pasta). Our meal was accompanied by some wonderful Calabrese wines .It was like a journey through time.. What made this night so special was sitting down with Tania , Mariana and her husband Franco surrounded by the rustic beauty in the hills of Tropea . As we sat in the middle of the field under a beautiful white canopy with candles burning and the brilliant stars above I knew we were about to indugle ourselves in a great Calabrese feast.Buona Petito!!!!!!!1