Monday, November 10, 2014


          As most you know by now, my journey to Italy begins every year in May and ends in October.  In May, there are many flowers that are beautifully manicured throughout Italy, from the coastal areas with the vibrant Bougainvillea, to the yellow Ginestra. Bougainvillea, climbing plants that vary in color, tend to grow on the side of buildings and walls in the region. The Ginesta is a countryside bush, yellow in color, that lines the mountain side and can also be found along the side of volcanos. The word Ginestra is translated Broom. Not even close to looking like a broom!

June in Italy is defined by it's long warm days, and buzzing nights. Along the coasts, lidos will begin to open so that any of the locals, or plethora of visitors, can rent an umbrella. You can hear the sounds of the children playing in the streets during the day, and at night you can listen to the chattering of the people as they are sitting outside at the local cafe. The shops are opened much later in the evening, giving tourists and locals alike, a chance to get more enjoyment during this wonderful month.

The month of July brings many tourist to my beloved Calabria. Here lies crystal blue waters of the Ionian and Terranean Seas. This area is mostly populated by Australians, some Americans, and many Northern Italians. They come here for peace and relaxation and for the wonderful  hospitality of the locals.  The pace may be a little slow here, but this is how it should be when you are on vacation right?

August, when I am not in Calabria you can find me touring in Rome and all the major cities in Italy. I choose this month because being so hot and knowing many of the locals are on vacation the crowds are not as large. This makes it easier to visit the museums and walk the busy streets of the cities.

 September and October! If you love harvest these are the months for you. Wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, just to name a few, this is what you will find all over Italy. You may want to stay on a vineyard (with Ionian Jewel Tours) or a local town and adventure out and take part in the everyday harvesting. Which ever month you choose to be in Italy,you will become Italy.
Smell of the Sea and Flowers on the Ionian Coast of Calabria 

Harvest time at the Cantina Chiorri Vineyards in Umbria .

Wild flowers and olive tress lining the roads of the mountain side.

Taking an Historical Tour of my home town with the Local Students.

Beautiful Lake Como with my group on our way to Bellaggio