Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not just Calabria any more

I am so proud to be a Calabrese! It is from this part of Italy that I learned so much about the Italians and their way of life. I say this because traveling through out Italy I have meet so many people from this region. When I was in Cinque Terra and told people I was Calabrese they were so happy to hear that. They would say proudly " I am Calabrese" and we spend our summers in the beautiful coastal towns there." I say I have learned much from being from the south of Italy because it is from here that I was able to launch my travel career . I and along with my beloved best friend Antonio decided it would be great to show people this untouched part of Italy. It would be a untour for tourist seeking to find the true nature of what it means to live like our great grandparents did before some ,not all moved out of the region or country such as my grandparents did and my their way to Boston. My first tours were only Calabria , and excursions over to Lipari. I made so many friends along the way. From Nazereno who owns the best restaurant on the island of Lipari , La Cambusa to the best hotel in Soverato , Calabria Hotel San Domenico owner and friend Luciano.
Yes with Antonio we took our groups from Calabria, to Abruzzo, to the Amalfi Coast. and to Sicily! Calabria was so impressive to my clients that when they did return on the tours they wanted only Calabria and the San Domenico Hotel . Now if you are wondering why I do not only do Calabria anymore . It is not that I do not love it. However the area of Puglia, and Basilicata and Sicily are so close that it adds a little bit more to the tours and keeps with the traditions of old world charm. From the Trulli's to the Sassi in Matera, to the volcanic islands here you can live like the locals even if just for a 12 day stay.
Antonio passed away this year and I miss him terribly. The knowledge he gave me of southern Italy is something I will cherish for ever as I continue to tour around Sothern Italy.