Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have been so many places in Italy since I lasted posted that I felt it was the time  to share it with all of you. I want to let everyone know how blessed I feel that my parents gave me the passion I feel for Italy today. If not for them taking us over to visit our little town in Calabria I would not be able to feel that passion not just for my region but for all of Italy.
You must be wondering what makes my tours different. For one thing, did I say PASSION!?
Anyone can visit Italy but in order to really appreciate the country, you must except  all the obstacles that you come across. I take you deep into the heart and soul of the country, offering such excursions as genealogy tours, family tours, yoga tours, Ladies tours and couples tours.
I started this 20 years ago and I am as passionate about it today as I was then. When I say you must deal with obstacles that may come your way I mean such as getting lost on our way to a location because there are no signs or to many signs or maybe the driver does not trust the GPS! Hey that's Italy!. I have been so lucky to be with such wonderful people who are hungry for the culture of the country. Of course, we visit the museums and churches and ruins but we make our stays in local towns where we are free to wonder around and mingle with the townspeople. That is Italy to me.
My trips take you from The Dolomites to The Aeolian Islands in Sicily.
I have to say that all of Italy is beautiful. If you really want to live your dream of Italy consider, please Ionian Jewel Tours .

Places to visit in 2015
North,  Venice, Bologna, Umbria, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily


Vicki K said...

I have to say after years of saying "next summer," We finally went to Italy in June with Ionian. We started in the North at Lake Como, worked our way across the Dolomites to Cortina, then zig zagged our way to Venice, Florence, Bologna, Umbria, Rome and finally Sorrento. We stayed in the most quaint local small hotels that were mostly family run and yes they treated us like we were family visiting. We DID get lost, but it was an adventure in itself, we had the best local food, I am SOOOO ready to go back. This was the best trip I have taken.

Calabria said...

We had a wonderful time